TI introduces breakthrough $1.95 DSP and $55 development kit

I am all about learning. Some people are competitive in sports, some are competitive in business, and some are competitive in everything.  I never fit that mold. I have always been passionate about learning.


My favorite way to learn something is hands-on.  I like to get my hands dirty early.


So when I heard about the new TI  TMS320C553x ultra-low-power DSPs and the C5535 eZdsp development kit I jumped all over it.  I have always wanted to work with a TI DSP, but I could never afford the tools.

Keep your eye on www.buildsmartrobots.com for more information and reviews about this great opportunity to learn about a real DSP.


  • Features of the TMDX5535 eZdsp include:
    • Small form factor DSP development kit for the C5535 processor
    • TMS320C5535 fixed point ultra-low-power DSP
    • Embedded XDS100 emulator
    • USB 2.0 high speed
    • Micro SD card slot with 2-GB micro SD card
    • Line In/Mic in, headphone out audio jacks
    • 60-pin expansion connector
    • 96 x 16-pixel OLED display
    • Includes Code Composer Studio IDE 4.x
    • Software framework for USB audio class and HID applications
    • Out-of-the-box demo software
    • Full documentation with source code on CD-ROM

    • A complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE), an efficient optimizing C/C++ compiler assembler, linker, debugger, integrated CodeWright editor with CodeSense technology for faster code creation, data visualization, a profiler and a flexible project manager DSP/BIOS™ real-time kernel Chip Support Library
    • Free, integrated software framework for USB audio class and HID applications, including an out-of-the-box demo


Bundle License (Free Limited License): We include a free version of CCS with many of our community boards, DSKs and EVM (Evaluation Module) kits.  These kits come with a development board, software and CCS.  The CCS will only work with the onboard emulation on the board.  This free license can also be used with simulators or with XDS100 class emulators as well as the XDS560v2 mezzanine card available in C6000 multi-core EVM bundles.  You may use this version to create production code. Download the DVD image to use this license. This license will work with eZdsp kits. DO NOT USE THIS WITH MSP430



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