The EMGRobotics Audio Dual Motor Controller Board (ADMCB) - Use your Smartphone to Move the World

As a roboticist, the modern day smartphone gets me very excited.  The combination of multi-core high performance CPU's, high tech sensors, powerful cameras, and free development tools make the modern smartphone a perfect robot brain.


Sensor in a Modern Smartphone - Source


In the past, interfacing to smartphones has been difficult.  Most solutions use the smartphones USB port.  USB works OK with some Android phones (they have to support ADK) but does NOT work with iPhones or iPads.  Even with the Android phones that support ADK, programming ADK devices can be complicated and ADK interface hardware can be expensive.

The EMGRobotics Audio Dual Motor Controller Board (ADMCB) makes interfacing to ALL smartphones, tablets, and even laptops easy.  Almost any device that can playback audio through a headphone jack can be used to control two DC motors with the ADMCB.  Both the direction and velocity of each motor can be controlled using sound.  

The ADMCB uses a MSP430G microcontroller to intelligently decode the sound stream coming from the smart device and uses the data to control a LB1836M DC motor controller.  The ADMCB uses smart software and low-cost hardware to be compatable with many devices, even devices that have very low volume audio.  The audio signals between the smartdevice and the ADMCB is capacitor coupled to protect your smartdevice.   



Creating the sound stream to control the ADMCB is easy.  Android examples are available at  iPhone examples will be added shortly.  The ADMCB can be controlled by any programming language that allows you to generate tones from 1Khz to 10Khz.


Windows C++:

beep( frequency, duration );

In Windows Python use:

import winsound
.Beep(17000, 100)

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Comment by eric gregori on February 7, 2013 at 8:56pm

Check out how to build an Android/iPhone powered robot tank using the AMDCB here:


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