Rocker-Bogie Suspension – A Challenge worthy of MINDS

Rocker-Bogie Suspension – A Challenge worthy of MINDS-i

The rocker-Bogie suspension is a  suspension used on the mars rovers. It uses six wheels that are independently powered by a motor and the front and rear wheels are able to steer.


Can it be built with the MINDS-I Robotic system?

The MINDS-I system is built out of the same basic pieces that allows you to build whatever you want. The simple frame of the Rocker-Bogie suspension could be built easily with the beams and connectors, there are even connector that allow beams to pivot so making the frame similar to the picture above would be simple.

The hard part is powering each wheel, without having the motor sick out too far from the wheel  that would cause it to hit obstacles. 

Here is a very rough idea of something that could possible work. It is really big, too big in my opinion to be very effective. A powerful servo would need to be added on the top to allow it to turn.  As you can see there is the wheel and tire that comes in the 6x6 kit attached to the wheel end then a short drive line connected to the differential and another one length drive line connected to the motor case. 

Ideally I would want to have a motor mounted inside the wheel and at the most it would stick out an inch or less from the wheel. Then the beams could go straight up from the motor and directly above the wheel there could be a turntable with a servo attached to handle to weight of the wheel. With this current design I don’t think a servo could handle the weight. This is just an idea, feel free to explore the possibilities, I look forward to see what you can do with it.






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Comment by eric gregori on November 16, 2011 at 10:58pm

Very Nice!!


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