Robomagellan 2012 Build Diary - Day 42

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I took 3 days off work to finish this robot.  I spent most of today just wiring-up the robot.  Note the labels, the labeler was just as important as the soldering iron and the tie straps in getting this robot wired-up.


You should note in the images above, the other two critical tools required to build a robot; coffee and a credit card.  The two red boards are the TI Launchpads.  


This is the interface board for the back 3 ultrasonic range sensors.  It contains three 5 volt LDO regulators.


This is the speed sensor interface board.  It sets the speed sensor IR LED and IR transistor collector bias current


Back ultrasonic sensor interface board.  The transistors are used to pulse the RX pin on the MB1000's


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