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Last Thursday I had the honor of presenting at Pumping Station: One.  Below you will find the presentation and the links that I discussed during the presentation.  I have to say, what a great group of hackers.  I ended-up staying for over 2 hours after my presentation because the conversation was so interesting.  In addition, Steve introduced me to the potential of rapid prototyping.  I plan on writing about Steve and what he built for me (in about 30 minutes) in a different blog.  All I can say is - WOW!!!

In this blog I just wanted to thank Jeff and everyone else at Pumping Station One for giving me the opportunity to present and giving me the chance to partake in some very interesting discussions.

Links discussed curing presentation:

Great resource for embedded vision information and training:


A one click Android tools + OpenCV installer:


OpenCV: http://opencv.org/

OpenCV4Android: http://opencv.org/platforms/android.html

The OpenCV VMware image and executable package that I discussed can be downloaded here: http://www.embedded-vision.com/what-embedded-vision/embedded-vision...

Various article about OpenCV can be found here:





If you have any questions concerning embedded vision, check out the forums: http://www.embedded-vision.com/forums

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I posted details about Android face detection programming and additional information about the cascade XML files that I talked about here:



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