The BRAT Jr. from Lynxmotion is a low cost, high quality entry level walking robot. BRAT Jr. is a four servo / four degree of freedom biped with no arms.  The robot is the perfect platform for anybody interested in getting started with walking robots. 


BRAT Jr. is built using the Lynxmotion Servo Erector Set system, or SES.  

"Think of the Lynxmotion series of servo brackets as an Erector Set for servos. These components are extremely versatile, making virtually any mechanical arrangement possible. It's now possible to build custom robots to your specifications! The brackets are available in black anodized or brushed finish. The ball bearings provide for precise low friction movement."


The BRAT Jr. is not available as a kit.  You simply purchase the components needed individually from Lynxmotion.  A builder guide, available on the Lynxmotion website, tells you everything you need to know about building BRAT Jr.


The BRAT Jr. is built using the following Lynxmotion components:


Quantity 1 (ASB-503) = $6.95
Quantity 2 (ASB-04) = $23.90
Quantity 1 (ASB-06) = $5.95
Quantity 1 (ASB-09) = $12.90
Quantity 1 (ARF-01) = $17.95

Quantity 4 (S422) = $51.96


Total (mechanical) = $119.61


Quantity 1 (EC-02) = $7.95
Quantity 1 (SSC-32) = $39.95


Total (electronics) = $47.90




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