EMGRobotics Low-Cost MSP430G2553 Robot Controller Board with Dual DC Motor Driver and IR Range Sensor

EMGRobotics MSP430G2553 Robot Controller Board

$15.00 Without CPU (Board is stuffed with socket only)

$17.00 shipped with socketed MSP430G2553


  • Board ships fully assembled
  • Board ships with MSP430G2553 in socket ( 16K flash, 512 Bytes RAM, A/D converter, ... ) $17.00 version
  • Runs on 3 volts ( 2 AAA batteries )
  • FAN8200 dual DC motor drive in socket - Control up to two 3 volt DC motors
  • Control up to 4 RC servos
  • Built-in IR Range sensor to detect objects up to 12 inches away
  • 3 mounting holes for easy mounting
  • Separate RC servo power supply connection
  • Programmable using the low cost TI Launchpad


MSP430G2553 Pin      Function

P1.0                                User4      Digital/Analog

P1.1                                IR analog in

P1.2                                M2CE

P1.3                                M1CE

P1.4                                M1IN

P1.5                                Servo0

P1.6                                User9        Digital/Analog

P1.7                                User8        Digital/Analog

P2.0                                Servo2

P2.1                                Servo3

P2.2                                M2IN

P2.3                                User13      Digital

P2.4                                Servo4

P2.5                                User12      Digital

P2.6                                IR LED

P2.7                                User5         Digital

The EMGRobotics MSP430G2553 Robot Controller Board (RCB) is based on the powerful TI MSP430G2553 16bit microcontroller.  The MSP430G2553 has 16K of flash and 512 bytes of RAM, more than enough to build some very interesting robots.  The MSP430G 10bit A/D converter and analog comparator really set this TI microcontroller apart from the others.  These analog capabilities make the MSP430G the perfect heart of a high tech robot controller.  The robot  controller works with voltages from 2.7 to 3.3 volts, perfect for 2 AA or 2 AAA operation.  The servo's are powered from a separate 6 volt power supply.  If you are not using servos, you do not need the 6 volt power supply.

The EMGRobotics MSP430G2553 Robot Controller Board (RCB) can individually and bidirectionally control two 400ma DC motors.  3 volt DC motors are perfect for small desktop robots, and this robot controller can control two of them simultaneously.  Each motor can be run forward, backward, or stopped independently.  This makes it easy to build any desktop two wheeled robot.

A robot needs a sensor to interact with its environment.  The EMGRobotics MSP430G2553 Robot Controller Board (RCB) ships with a built-in Infra Red (IR) range sensor.  The IR LED sends out pulses of light that is reflected off objects and detected by the IR transistor.  Using the high performance 10 bit A/D in the MSP430G2553 the range of the object can be estimated.  The IR range sensor provides a range measurement from 50 to 1000 depending on a object distance of 1 inch to approximately 12 inches.

The EMGRobotics MSP430G2553RCB is designed to be used with the   TI Launchpad debugger/programmer.  The TI Launchpad is a $4.30 ( that is not a typo ) full featured professional debugger and programmer.  The TI Launchpad can be ordered directly from TI here:


The TI Launchpad is an amazing device for the price.  With the include C compiler and debugger ( Code Composer Studio ) you can be up and programming in minutes.  These are easy to use professional tools that let you program the chip, and debug your program using breakpoints and single stepping.  If you are new to embedded programming TI provides a series of tutorials to help you get started.

The EMGRobotics MSP430G2553RCB is supported by www.buildsmartrobots.com, where you can find projects based on the board, example code, and answers to questions. Our goal is to help you build smarter robots.

wiring the MSP430G2553SBC for DC motor only operation

 wiring the MSP430G2553 for DC motor and Servo operation

The EMGRobotics MSP430GRCB Controlling a HEXBUG Spider


The EMGRobotics MSP430GRCB Controlling a HEXBUG Spider

The EMGRobotics MSP430GRCB Controlling a HEXBUG Spider


Source code MSP430G2452: MSP430G2452_Autonomous_Hexbug_Spider.zip

Source code MSP430G2553: Autonomous_Hexbug_Spider_MSP430G2553_V1.zip


To Purchase a controller goto: Buy Here



For instruction on how to Hack a Spider goto: http://buildsmartrobots.ning.com/profiles/blogs/hacking-the-hexbug-...

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Comment by eric gregori on January 30, 2012 at 3:32am

Adding a voltage regulator or voltage drop diode to the MSP430G2553RCB.

The RCB can be modified to add a voltage regulator or voltage drop diode by simply cutting a trace and soldering in the part.

This is picture of a portion of the back of the board.

Simply cut the trace specified and you can solder in a 3.3 volt LDO ( MCP1700-3302E/TO-ND ) in a TO-92 package, or a simple diode to drop the battery voltage to the micro.


The positive side of the capacitor goes to the VCC of the micro.




Comment by eric gregori on January 30, 2012 at 9:29am


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