At our next Seattle Robotics Society meeting we are going to have a mini competition with prizes too!  All information for when, where and how can be found at or  The game is to get a robot, any kind or size, rolling, crawling, or flying to go from one corner of our meeting room to the diagonal corner of the room.  Our Yahoo Group has pictures of the room if you wish to see it.  Everybody is welcome to attend to compete or just watch.  I will be entering a Minds-i robot I designed.  It has a swiveling sonar for obstacle avoidance, a bumper around it to keep it from hanging up on table or chair legs and a color sensor to tell it when to stop.  Our meeting room has a wall of burnt orange cabinets on the far side and the color sensor will cue on that to know when it has reached the other side.  Anyway that is the plan!

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