Avnet Announces Embedded Vision Starter Kit - Add Computer Vision to Your Robots Without a PC

Yesterday Avnet released a board that will fill a huge hole in the hobbyist robotics community.  The Avnet FinBoard or Embedded Vision Starter Kit ( http://news.avnet.com/index.php?s=20295&item=126687 ) has a built-in camera connected to a dual-core 500Mhz BlackFin DSP.  The kit includes everything you need to start developing computer vision applications including a hardware JTAG debugger and 1 year tools license.  


If you read the press release carefully you will note the following sentence, "In addition, the kit includes drivers, example software, and a unique machine vision dice counting software reference design, developed by BDTI, providing commented source code utilizing the Blackfin core and the Pipelined Video Processor."  Yes, I have been working with the above board for months implementing the dice counting demo (I work for BDTI).  


Based on my experience with the board, I think it's going to have a big impact on the hobby robotics community.  the examples/frameworks the team have put together will help people get up and running quickly.  I have already ordered my board and signed-up for the FinBoard community (http://www.finboard.org/).  Look for my robot projects on the FinBoard community in the next few months.


Check out the FinBoard community.  Avnet has already posted the schematics and the team and I are working to add additional documentation to the site.  The team is creating example code, training videos, and white papers to provide a solid foundation for developers to get up and running creating new and interesting applications.


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