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Corner to Corner Robot  At our next Seattle Robotics Society meeting we are going to have a mini competition with prizes too!  All information for when, where and how can be found at…


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MINDS-i Robotics: What is MINDS-i?


It has been awhile since I posted a blog post on this awesome site so I decided to make a short video about MINDS-i. Lots of people always ask me what is MINDS-i so you can consider this my official reply. :)

Minds-i are the creators of a proprietary line of products that are used to create the most advanced, dynamic and durable…


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Avnet Announces Embedded Vision Starter Kit - Add Computer Vision to Your Robots Without a PC

Yesterday Avnet released a board that will fill a huge hole in the hobbyist robotics community.  The Avnet FinBoard or Embedded Vision Starter Kit ( ) has a built-in camera connected to a dual-core 500Mhz BlackFin…


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Arduino Rocket Launcher

Hey Arduino Fans and Roboteers alike,

You're going to want to take a look at this most recent project:

MINDS-i's Rocket Launcher…


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Rocker-Bogie Suspension – A Challenge worthy of MINDS

Rocker-Bogie Suspension – A Challenge worthy of MINDS-i

The rocker-Bogie suspension is a  suspension used on the mars rovers. It uses six wheels that are independently powered by a motor and the front and rear wheels are able to steer.




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I had a blast at ASME2011

Last weekend was the ASME Open Source Microcontroller Workshop. 

Coming Saturday Nov. 12: The ASME

Open Source Microcontroller Workshop!

Bringing together Engineers, Educators, Students, Hobbyists and Entrepreneurs -- to learn and share knowledge and…

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Call for Entries! Announcing the 1st Annual ROBIE Awards

ROBIE Awards

Recognizing Excellence in Robotics


Entry Details

Entry Benefits

Enter NOW


Robotics Trends, the leading information authority in…


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