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VEX Robotics and Innovation First

Recently, I had the pleasure of getting a tour of VEX robotics in Greenville Texas.

Needless to say, I was very impressed. This company is full of people who love robots!…


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Real Steel - How cool would it be to make it a reality!!


As a roboticist there is no way you can come away from watching the movie Real Steel (

http://steelgetsreal.com/) without being excited.  I enjoyed the movie a lot, but not for the same reason…


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You can do more with the OpenCV Face Detector than Detect Faces

The OpenCV face detector has become very popular last few years because it is relatively easy to use and available for the right price - free.

What most people do not realize is the OpenCV face detector can be trained to detect almost any object. The OpenCV face detector is a Haar feature detector that is trained to identify an object.  The training process involves inputting multiple images of the type of object you want to detect followed by false images (images that do not contain…


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Launchbot V2 - Part 1 Construction

Launchbot V2 is another TI MSP430G based robot using the R3D3 from Elenco (http://www.robotshop.com/elenco-line-tracking-robot-kit-1.html) as the frame.

The TI Launchpad is a easy to use low-cost debugger and flash programmer for the MSP430G line of TI microcontrollers.  The MSP430G2211 can be purchased from…


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