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Build a $30.00 - Multicore 16bit C programmable walking robot

Build a $30.00 - Multicore 16bit C programmable walking robot

By Eric Gregori



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Open Source Segbot at U of I



The Segbot (Two Wheel Segway Style Balancing Robot)


The Segbot is part of ongoing inverted pendulum projects in the Control Systems Labs. It uses…


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Build LaunchBot - a C programmable/debuggable 16bit robot for only $15.00

LaunchBot - By Eric Gregori



LaunchBot was inspired by the…


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IBM's Systems of Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics (SyNAPSE)

If you are not familiar with how neural networks work, check out "On Intelligence" by Jeff Hawkins or…


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Build Smart Robots, Builders Day and Meet up

Does any one want to get together for a meet up and a builders day?


Im out every Sunday in the garage working on my Robot.  (Villa PArk, Illinois)


What do ya think?

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Brain Bugs by Dean Buonomano


Last night I finished the book "Brain Bugs" by Dean Buonomano.  Although the book is no "On Intelligence" it's a interesting read for anyone…


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PCB Isolation Milling

I'm currently working on isolation milling on my Comet CNC router. I have it working pretty well now, The bit is a 10 degree vcutter that routes about .4mm width around the traces.  I'll post some pictures when I have a complete board milled and drilled.


Here is a photo of my latest attempt.…


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A C programmable 16bit rolling robot for only $15.00


This robot is based on the $10.00 line following kit orderable here:…


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Python as a introductory programming language

Over the weekend there has been a in-depth discussion on creating a low cost robot for the Boy Scouts robotics merit badge.  One of the requirements is a simple programming language that a 12 year old is capable of learning.


I would argue that the requirement must also include a element of real world usability.  There are many programming languages a 12 year old can learn, unfortunately most of those languages are of no practical value in the real world. BASIC is a great…


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What is the best kit to use as a introduction to robotics

I get asked this question all the time:

"Little Johnny or Jenny is around 10 years old and really wants to build a robot.  What the best kit to get him/her started?"


My answer is unwavering, the BoeBot from Parallax.  Parallax does an exemplary job of making robotics easy for kids of all ages. The BoeBot kit comes with a easy…


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A very hackable $10.00 robot

Last year I bought a robot kit from  I bought it specifically to hack but never got around to it.

You can buy the kit here for$10.00 at: …


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Let's build a low cost robot to help the scouts

The TI Launchpad has got me really excited about creating a VERY low cost robot to help the scouts with there new merit badge.  I wrote a blog about the new Robotics merit badge while I was at Freescale (…


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Dextrous Robotic Hand is a Robotic Hand with Five Fingers and has 11 DOF. Driven by RC standard servos. Dextrous Robotic Hand controlled by potentiometers as sensor equipped Master Glove to indicate the user’s fingers positions. A large variety of different objects can be grasped reliably and the movements of the hand appear to be very natural like human hand movements.

Hand Design…


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Chibots monthly meeting on Aug. 14, 2011

Hey all, we're getting together on the14 of August at Pumping Station: One in Chicago. If you live in the Chicagoland area feel frre to drop by. Also, we are experimenting with video streaming and if all goes well tomorrow our meeting will be streamed live through UStream. More info here:


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2011 Midwest SRS RoboMagellan Competition

This year’s SRS RoboMagellan competition truly pitted man & machine against forces of nature such as grass, trees and clouds. Chibots welcomed four brave competitors and their fantastic creations to the 2011 Midwest SRS RoboMagellan Competition held at Moraine Valley Community College at Palos Hills, Illinois. The…


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Programming in C for Small Micros

With Atmel, Microchip, and TI all selling 8 bit micros with 256K of flash for under $1.00, developing applications in C makes a lot of sense.  In the "old days" (5 years ago) developing in C for 8bit micros required that you purchase a C compiler, not anymore.  All three microcontroller suppliers (Atmel, Microchip, and TI) now provide free tools, including compilers.  


Atmel has …


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Dan Mathias - CEO- Robot Scientist and Electrical, Mechanical and Software engineer at Future-Bot Components

Dan Mathias is a dedicated robot builder and enthusiast that I met on Facebook ( ).  


Dan's company - specializes in Robotic parts and systems and Vintage and New hard-to-find items including IC's, CPU's, Memory, Linear Devices, Transistor Dice, Gear and Stepper Motors, CCD…


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Connect Four Robot - CMU Mechatronics Design Class Spring 2011

I took the class on Mechatronic Design offered at CMU in Spring 2011. It is an interdisciplinary class where students from different engineering backgrounds come together to do a project that makes them learn something about mechatronic system design. This year, the theme was a Connect Four Robot and a Can Crusher. 


There were seven teams that participated in the connect four playing robot design. We also had a contest at the end of the semester where robots competed against…


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TI's Exciting new Android/Bluetooth development system

Working at TI must feel like a DIY Geek's vision of xmas every day.


The incredibly cool watch in the picture to the right is not only a nice looking watch, but a powerful Bluetooth development…


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Robophilo Build Day 3

Unfortunately, the Parallax servo controllers were a bust.  

They worked perfectly with Hitec servos but would not work with the Robophilo servos.  The problem appears to be a lack of a series resistor on the servo signal line.


Figure 1.…


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