Has anybody used the Android phone and application with the Prop?  What is the interface to the chip?  Is it just high low signals?  I downloded the android software but the image is always sideways no matter how I orient the phone.  Am I using the wrong hardware?  Please email me at swoodrough@gmail.com



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on the propforth project:

We use android phone running a terminal program to talk to the forth command line.

This can be done using telnet connection to a prop connected to a PC


it can be done using a blue tooth enabled phone using ee.g. Blue Term to talk to e.g. HC05 and HC06 bluetooth cable replacement on the prop. Just set up the prop to use a serial connection on whatever pins the HC05 is on.

These methods can also work for SPIN, C, etc; but I have only done it using forth.  If you want to try it in spin I can point you to the code and try to walk you through it.  It might be a PITA, give me a shout if nobody have a spin solution ready made.



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